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Controller - Time & Temp - Plug & Play - "G" Series

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Price: $299.95
Item Number: AUBWSD-1501GPH
Temperature & Time Controller
This ramp and soak controller is simple to use. Just plug your Smoker (or other heating device) into the receptacle marked "Heater" and a Smoke Generator into the receptacle marked "Smoke Generator" on the rear of this controller. (See more images)

New & Improved this Model
WSD-1500GPH, replaces the previous WSD-1503CPH. This “G” series controller made several important improvements and enhancements over the “C” series controller.
  1. Improved durability for the sensor probe. The new sensor is more moisture-resistant, with larger temperature range, and more durable cable and plug. The sensor is immersible in water and can also be used for Sous Vide Cooking.
  2. A memory function that allows customers to store up to 8 temperature profiles for different recipes.
  3. A function key that can turn off the program mode if users only want to cook at single set temperature without using timer.

Unit has 6 "Easy To Program" Steps - Great for those smoking scheludes that call for several steps and temperature changes. The ending criteria of each step can be determined by time or by internal product temperature. Once the time or temperature called for has been met. the program advances to the next step.
Example: when smoke cooking sausage, you can program this controller to:
  1. Dry at 130° for either 1 hour or until the internal temperature reaches 100° 
  2. Smoke at 140° for 2 hours or until the programmed internal temp is reached
  3. Cook at 165°  for 2 hours or until your internal temp is reached 
  4. Finish at 185° final until the fully cooked internal temp is reached
  5. Bloom at 90° for 1 hour
  6. Finish
Several Alarm Settings Are Available Including Probe 1 Hi Limit, Probe 1 Low Limit, Probe 2 High and Step Finished

Two Probes

  • Probe 1 to control the temperature of smoker cabinet.
  • Probe 2 (pointed probe) to monitor the internal temperature
Outlet Marked "Heater" - This receptacle can be used to turn control your smoker (or other heating device)
Outlet Marked "Smoke Generator" - This receptacle can be used to control a device such as a smoke generator or shower valve. Any two program steps can by programmed to power this outlet. Note: this function must be disabled for the Bradley Digital smoker because it has a built-in timer
  • Temperature: Displays C. or F.
  • Temp Range: Minus 40-400 °C, or -40-750 °F
  • Resolution: 1° F - Accuracy: +/-1°
  • Maxium Control Temp -350 °C (660 °F)
  • Minimun Control temp - 5 °C (9 °F) above ambient with smoker generator off
  • Input Voltage: 120 To 240 VAC - 50 / 60 Hz - Output Voltage: Same As The Input
  • Max. Current: Heater - 15A For 120 VAC, 12A For 240 VAC - Max. Watts: 1400 For 120 VAC, 2800 For 240 VAC
  • Max. Current: Smoker Generator - 3 A @ 120 VAC - Max Watts: 360
  • Control Probe - 4 MM Dia. X 40 MM Long - Probe Cable Length - 5 Ft. (1.5 Meter)
  • Internal Temperature Probe - 4 MM Dia. X 150 MM Long - Probe Cable Length - 5 Ft. (1.5 Meter)
  • Temperature: Minimum Control: 9° F (5° C) Above Ambient - Maximum Control: 383° F (195° C)
  • Timer Range: 6 Steps With 0.1 To 99.9 Hours For Each Step
  • Durable & Splash Proof Aluminum Extrusion Chassis
  • Dimension: 6" W X 3" H X 6.7" D
  • To Download a Manual on this Controller  Click Here

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