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Stuffer - SausageMaker - 5 Lb, Cast Stainless

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Price: $346.17
Item Number: SAU50501
5 Lb. Sausage Stuffer

Castr Stainless Steel stuffer for the home user. The streamlined design of this vertical sausage stuffer saves counter space while allowing you to stuff sausages with a minimal amount of exertion.

It comes equipped with a stainless steel air relief valve built into the piston head. The removable cylinder makes clean-up a snap and the solid construction ensures years of dependable performance.

Stainless Steel

  • Frame
  • Threaded Rod
  • Hand Crank with Plastic Handle
  • 8" x 4-7/8" Cylinder
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • 9-1/2" x 6" Base


  • Fibre Gears
  • Food Grade Plastic Piston Head with "O" Ring
  • Set of Three Plastic Stuffing Tubes (5/8", 3/4", 1")
  • Plastic Stuffing Tube Lock Nut
Tip: Always stuff  your sausage mix as soon as it is seasoned. Holding overnight will allow the salt in your seasonings to set the sausage mix into a stiff block and it will be difficult to stuff. If you must hold or postpone stuffing the sausage mix, add water to your sausage mix before stuffing. This will lubricate the mix, making it easier to stuff.
Also, add water to your seasonings for better mixing  and distribution, add water to casings to prevent sticking to the stuffing tube and add water to the meat mix to allow better flow during grinding and stuffing.

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