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Wood, Pellets, Sawdust & Chips

Flavor Enhancing Using Wood and Wood Products

Wood and wood products are used for everything from building homes, making paper, providing heat for comfort and cooking and for enhancing the flavor of food.

The most popular woods for flavoring foods are hickory, mesquite, pecan, alder, maple, apple and cherry. The best smoke flavor comes from fruit and nut hardwoods.

When using wood products for flavoring food it is a MUST to use only hardwood logs, sawdust, chips, planks, biscuits bits, or pellets.

Be careful, when buying sawdust, as it is not always 100% hardwood. Storing wood products off the ground in a dry sheltered place will season and also dry it. So it is necessary to sometimes soak some products in water to provide more smoke and fewer flare-ups.

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