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The difference between Sharpeners, Steels and Stonesis as follows:
  • Sharpeners have slots that are set to the proper angle needed to provide a sharp edge so the user needs liitle skill to sharpen a knife with a sharpener. There are several types of sharpeners - Single, Dual and Triple stage. Dual stage sharpeners have a sharpening slot as well as a finishing slot providing a strong, double bevel edge that is sharper and will resist dulling longer. The thrid stage on triple stage sharpeners is usually a stropping stage
  • Stones and Steels have no slots and require the user to have the skill and knowledge needed to hold the blade at the correct angle while in contact with the stone or steel.
  • Steels maintain an existing edge by keeping it aligned while removing little or no metal.
  • Stones and Sharpeners actually remove metal to create the edge.
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