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Pumps & Injectors

Injectors and Pumps are used to pump or inject liquid or brine into meat.

Injectors have different size holes and configurations. Pick an injector with large holes or one with an open end (also called an artery needle) to inject solutions that are thick or have partially dissolved seasonings.
For completely dissolved liquids such as brines, use an injector with many small holes.
For large pieces of meat you will need an injector with a long needle to reach the middle of the meat
Whether you need to pump hams, cure bacon or inject marinades into turkeys, we carry a good selection of injectors, pumps and basters. Parts are available for our Commercial Grade Pumps. 

If you cannot find what you want please Contact us and we will get what you need.

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Injector Pump 2 Oz.
Price: $24.95
Injector Pump 2 Oz.
Pump - Brine - F Dick
Price: $196.49
Pump - Brine - F Dick
Needle - 1/4" - Meat Pump
Price: $15.60
Needle - 1/4" - Meat Pump
Needle - Perforated - Meat Pump
Price: $11.50
Needle - Perforated - Meat Pump
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