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When You Select Foods For Drying, Choose Only The Freshest And Prime Items. Unless Vegetables And Fruits Are Pre-Treated Before Drying There Will Be A Loss Or Change Of Color, Nutrients And Certain Vitamins. Vegetables Can Be Pre-Treated By Blanching, While Fruits Need To Be Pre-Treated With Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Or Sodium Bi-Sulfite'.
Drying Foods Requires Low Humidity and Temperatures of 120º -150º F. Higher Temperatures Cooks The Food From The Outside Causing "Case Hardening
  • Herbs‚ - 95º F.
  •  Fruit - 135 º F.
  • Jerky - 145º F.
  • Vegetables - 125º F.
Tips on Food Drying:
  • Coat Trays With A Non Stick Product Such As PAM
  • Don’t Overlay Food, Place In A Single Layer
  • Slice Food In Uniform Sizes And Shapes
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Book "Dried Foods"
Price: $16.95
Book "Dried Foods"
Book "Making & Using Dried Foods"
Price: $14.95
Book "Making & Using Dried Foods"
Book "Food Drying Techniques"
Price: $3.95
Book "Food Drying Techniques"
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