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Stuffing Tubes

A Word About Stuffing Tubes -There are two types of stuffing tubes - Those that fit on meat grinders & those that fit on stuffers. Both type tubes have a small end opening (where the meat comes out) & a big end (that mounts to a grinder or a stuffer).
Tubes for grinders are sized by the grinders they fit - (5, 8, 12, 22, 32, 42, 52). Tubes for grinders 12 size and up should have a big end opening that is "bell shaped" This allows the meat to clear the grinding plate before being "funneled down".
Tubes for stuffers sometimes will only fit a certain brand of stuffer. They do not need to be "bell shaped". They are flange mounted to the stuffer with a plastic or metal nut. The diameter of the mounting flange is usually 1-1/2" or 2".
Tubes come in shapes which include taper & straight shanks. Straight shank tubes are used with casings that won't stretch - like collagen. Stuffing Tubes are made of plastic, stainless steel & aluminum. Their small end diameter varies so you can fill different size casings & bags.The diameters range from 3/8" up to 1-1/4" or so.
A Word About Salt & Stuffing- - Salt Is Present As An Ingredient In Almost Every Sausage Recipe. Salt Gives Flavor And Also Helps Bind The Water In Meat. This Binding Action Causes The Meat To Stiffen Or Set Up. This Can Happen In 30 Minutes Or Less. When Stuffing With A Push Stuffer It Becomes Very Difficult For The Stuffer To Push The Meat Through The Stuffing Tube. When Using A Crank Stuffer It Causes Excessive Wear And Tear On The Stuffer’s Gears. When Using A Grinder To Stuff, It Can Create Back Pressure, Slowing The Delivery Of The Meat Out Of The Grinding Head Causing The Meat To Become Mushy.
We Recommend Mixing Your Sausage And Stuffing Immediately.
Adding Water To Your Seasoning And Pouring It On Your Meat Mix Will Help Distribute The Seasoning And Lubricate The Mix For Stuffing And Grinding.
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Stuffer Tube - Talsa - 10MM x 11"
Price: $76.00
Stuffer  Tube - Talsa - 10MM x 11"
Stuffer Tube - Talsa - 38MM x 11"
Price: $87.50
Stuffer  Tube - Talsa - 38MM x 11"
Stuffer Tube - Talsa - 18MM x 11"
Price: $87.50
Stuffer  Tube - Talsa - 18MM x 11"
Stuffer Nut - Talsa
Price: $72.00
Stuffer  Nut - Talsa
Stuffer Tube - Talsa - 25MM x 11"
Price: $87.50
Stuffer  Tube - Talsa - 25MM x 11"
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