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LEGG'S "Old Plantation" Seasoning Blends

A. C. Legg's "Old Plantation" Seasonings are our specialty. From true "Southern style" pork sausage to milder blends, there's none better. Very popular for game meats also.
  • Quality - Legg's "Old Plantation" Seasonings are custom blended from only the finest spices available, to insure that your finished product has the taste tempting flavor that you demand.
  • Consistency - At A. C. Legg, the raw spices and finished spice products are constantly being monitored to assure you of uniformity and consistency - order by order, year after year.
  •  Service - A. C. Legg has enjoyed over 70 years of success in the spice business beginning making seasoning in 1923 and truly is a company "Built upon a flavor".
  •  Legg's exclusive high-barrier, multi-wall packaging protects the seasoning's freshness and flavor for at least 12 months.
  •  Legg's sausage seasoning blends are among the most popular blends in the world for making sausage. Over the years some of these blends have gained great popularity as a "rub" for a great variety of meats grilled or oven cooked. Their Jerky Blends are very popular among commercial processors as well as the "Home Butcher"
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Seasoning - Jerky - Cajun - Leggs
Price: $7.04
Seasoning - Jerky - Cajun - Leggs
Seasoning - Jerky - Regular - Leggs
Price: $6.11
Seasoning - Jerky - Regular - Leggs
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