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Jerky Guns & Extruders

These devices are used to make jerky strips or rolls out of ground meat. They are also excellent for stuffing chili peppers, chicken breasts or bell peppers. Simply mix your seasonings into ground meat or any finely chopped product such as shrimp, cheese, sausage, etc and stuff into the cavity.
Jerky Guns come in two sizes. Pick the larger 1-1/2 lb. size (cannon) or the regular 1 lb. size (gun) from the list below to view these units and their accessories. To do larger amounts choose an extruder attachment

Jerky from ground meat tips: ,

  • Add 1/4 cup of water per lb. of meat in addition to any water the recipe may call for - this lubricates the meat and gun as well as dissolves all the ingredients.
  • Mix only the about of meat you can process - do not store meat in tubes or nozzles overnight - "shoot the jerky" as soon as it is well mixed.
  • Do not hold overnight - if you must store meat overnight add water to mixture before placing in jerky gun.
  • Use very lean meat - 90% lean or better.
  • Use fine ground meat - coarse ground meat may clog the nozzles.
  • Clean tubes or cylinders using a bottle brush and hot soapy water - do not place in dishwasher.
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