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Seasonings enhance the natural flavor of some foods and give other foods, such as sausage, a unique flavor, bite or taste. Certain tastes are expected in certain sausages, such as a sage taste in fresh pork sausage. Peppercorns in summer sausage give the eater a certain bite as well as a taste. Seasonings are spices blended together to produce a full, well-rounded flavor. Many spices compliment other spices. These spices, when blended together, produce seasonings that give the taste we are looking for. Seasonings can be used to enhance the natural flavor of any food

The seasonings that we carry are from blenders, both local (to us) and national as well as butchers and sausage makers with many years of experience. They know their spices and their years of blending provide some of the best seasonings that money can buy.

Most blender's packaging protects the freshness and flavor for months but some blends will cake or "harden up" depending on the ingredients that blend contains. These blends can be rehydrated with water before using. In fact the best way to distribute seasonings into meat is by adding water to the seasonings, making a "soup like" mixture that can be poured over the meat.

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