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Tired Of Cold Hands? Meat Mixers Take The Cold Out Of Mixing & Give You A Better Mix.

Tips on Grinding And Mixing - For safety, keep the temperature of the meat as cold as possible during grinding and mixing (under 40 degrees).

The usual procedure is to:

  1. Grind the meat using a large hole plate.
  2. Add the ingredients, mixing thoroughly A slurry is made of the ingredients ( spices, additives and cures mixed with water). Water is added to dissolve the ingredients, to facilitate the mixing and to give the products their characteristic texture and taste. This slurry should be added between the coarse and the final grind.
  3. Make the final grind using a smaller hole plate to get desired consistency & texture 

Grinding improves the uniformity of the product by distributing the ingredients and making the particles the same size. Unless you have special equipment (a mixer), it is desirable to work with small batches (up to 25 pounds) so the cure and seasoning can be more evenly distributed. If you don't have a grinder, buy ground meats, add the seasonings and mix thoroughly by hand.

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