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Wood Fiber Boards

Woodfiber Laminate Cutting Boards are made from a solid resin-impregnated wood fiber laminate. This combination of wood fiber and plastic resin has been utilized in the commercial food service industry for over 40 years.

  • Listed by the National Sanitation Foundation.
  • When preparing food on Woodfiber Laminate Cutting Boards, they perform similarly to wood - but, more important, they are far more sanitary and easier to clean than any other cutting board on the market.
  • Woodfiber Laminate Cutting Boards can be immersed and scrubbed in hot, soapy water, soaked or washed in solutions that contain bleach. They can be steam cleaned or run through a commercial dishwasher. They won't be harmed by water.
  • Woodfiber Laminate Cutting Boards will last at least twice as long as wood or plastic boards.
  • They are not hard enough to harm or dull knives. Yet they're dense enough to resist slice marks that can harbor bacteria.
  • Woodfiber Laminate Cutting Boards withstand heat up to 350 degrees. They can be used as a trivet for hot pans. However, do not leave in hot oven or use in a microwave. Our wood fiber laminate boards can be used where others melt.
  • No dyes have been added to the pure wood fiber or plastic resin. When new, the surface is light brown. With age it will naturally darken to rich, mellow reddish brown.
  • There is a chance that larger size boards may warp as a characteristic of the material. (One side being warmer and the other side being colder cause one side to expand and the other side to contract). This can usually be avoided by turning the board over on a regular schedule to keep both sides the same temperature. The thicker a board is the less chance that it will warp.
  • If necessary the surface can be smoothed by sanding or scraping with a bakery scraper and the edges and corners can be touched up with a file or sandpaper. Any edge or corner damage caused by dropping should be sanded or filed smooth so that the board remains easy to clean. Damage caused by dropping is not covered by warranty.
  • White plastic boards are cut apart and destroyed by knives. These deep cut marks collect food particles and juices, which quickly turn black. Once the board surface becomes rough, it is almost impossible to clean. They will also not withstand hot pots and pans like Woodfiber Laminate Cutting Boards.
  • Wood cannot be successfully cleaned by immersing and scrubbing in hot, soapy water or running through a dishwasher. Wood boards will open up and are impossible to clean. Most health departments will not allow wood to be used in commercial kitchens.
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