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Smoke House "Do It Yourself"

We carry Components to build & control smoke houses. Our service dept. can help you with the technical advice based on our years of experience servicing commercial smokehouses in our market.

A Word About Building Your Own Smokehouse - You can build a smokehouse out of almost anything. Smokehouses in the true sense are not heated but are a space to protect meat while containing the smoke. Grandpa probably never cooked meat in the smokehouse but used it to keep the critters out while cold
smoking. Modern smokehouses are heated & have a way to generate smoke - the heat & the smoke generation can come from the same device or from separate devices.

Old refrigerators & freezers make good smokehouses & if you have the "know how" you can use the defrost heater to heat the unit & connect a smoke generator to "pump in" smoke.

You may also use a hot plate for heat & place a pan with wood chips, sawdust or chunks on the hot plate for smoke. You may control the heat with a thermostat & monitor the temperatures with a thermometer.

If your smokehouse is big enough you can use an old pot belly wood burning stove for heat & smoke.

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