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Meat Glue - GS

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Price: $15.58
Item Number: MOOGS

GS Enzyme - Also known as Meat Glue

Ingredients: sodium chloride, gelatin, trisodium phosphate, maltodextrin, transglutaminase, safflower oil.

GS is a mixture of transglutaminase, maltodextrin, and gelatin, with the addition of polyphosphate salts and oil. The preparation is always combined with water to make a slurry, which is alkaline or basic due to the polyphosphates. Since the TG enzyme is inactive at high pH, the slurry remains stable until it is applied to the meat. At that point, the pH drops, activating the enzymes, and the bonding begins. Unlike other TG preparations, Activa® GS has the advantage that it can be left out on the counter all day without going bad.

GS is always mixed into slurry with 4 parts water. Typical usage is 0.75 1.0% of formula weight.

Note: Unopened packages have a shelf life of about two years, however, Transglutaminase enzymes degrade quickly once exposed to oxygen. To avoid waste, we recommend buying professional packages only if you plan to use a large quantity in a relatively short time  Package contains enough enzymen for 12-15 lbs. of product

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