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Additive - Sausage Binder - 5 lb.

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Price: $17.38
Item Number: ZACMH5480
Sausage Binder - 5 Lb.- Also Known As Soy Grits
This ingredient is used to prevent weight loss and shrinkage to products being processed in the smokehouse, by helping to retain the natural juices (moisture) in the meat. This product also helps to bind the sausage together and can be use in meat products such as burgers to retain the natural juices from cooking out. Although not generally used in fresh sausages it may be added with good results. You should use the following ratios:
  • Smoked products -- Use binder up to 5% of the meat weight
  • Fresh products ----- Use binder up to 3% of the meat weight
All soy products have a high protein value. This gives soy its binding capability, allowing you to add water to your sausage for a more moist product. Add water to meat mixture at a rate of 1 gal per 100 lb. of meat. Do not pre-mix water and binder together.

Sausage binder weighs out at about 4 oz. per cup so 4 cups would equal about a 1 lb.


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