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Additive - Sodium Phosphate - 16 Oz.

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Also known as Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate and Sodium Phosphate, This product is a food grade phosphate that is used with meat products to help in the retention of moisture and soluble proteins. Sodium Tripolyphosphate is compatible with all curing ingredients such as nitrites, nitrates, sugar, salt and ascorbic acid or its derivative, sodium erythorbate 

Due to the neutral pH it never interferes with flavor development and will enhance cured color development. Special agglomeration makes this product particularly suitable for low temperature processing, salt containing marinades and meat emulsions. In fact, it can be injected as well as added dry or in slurry form. 

Usage Requirments: Maximum amount of phosphate permitted by the USDA is no more than .5% to be retained by the meat in the finished product.

Use 6-8 oz. per 100 lb. of meat or 4 lb. per 10 gallon of water for a 10% pump of 100 lb. of meat

Directions For Use- Dissolve the sodium phosphate in water using the recipe below, to produce the .5% limit suggested in the guidelines. Use 8 Oz. per 100 lb. of meat. 
EXAMPLE: For 100 lb. of sausage use the following recipe.
  • Meat 100.00 lb.
  • Water / Ice 4.00 lb. (2 quarts)
  • Sodium Tripolyphosphate ½ lb. (1 and 1/2 cups)

If you are pumping meat, such as brisket, with the solution, weight the meat and then weigh the phosphate (using the 8 oz. per 100 lb. of meat ratio) and add that amount of phosphate to the water.


Example: For A 10% pump for 25 lb. of meat you would need 2.5 lb. of water and 2 oz. of phosphate.


NOTE: The water may be tap water if necessary to dissolve the phosphate, but the water with phosphate solution should be ice water cold when actually used with the meat. Try dissolving the phosphate in a small amount of the water with the remaining water being ice water.


16 oz. package

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