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Book - Mastering The Craft Of Smoking Food"

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Price: $18.95
Item Number: BK801355
Mastering The Craft Of Smoking Foods

Smoking really is a craft and this book is an excellent resource. Many pictures, illustrations, brining recipes and cooking instructions. The author has many years smoking foods and this book is full of his tips as well as some of his homemade equipment and tools used to smoke and cure foods from sausage to eggs. The sections on curing, brining and marinating are probably the most complete and detailed of any book available today to the "Do it Your Self Person". Perhaps too detailed for some but a gold mine for others.

This book covers everything, from how to build a variety of different smokers to the chemistry behind smoking and the use of nitrites to recipes to how to smoke just about anything.

Covers everything you ever wanted to know about smoking and curing

  • Smokers and smoker temperatures
  • Wood and fuels
  • Health concerns
  • Smoking red meat, poultry, sausage and wildfowl
  • Spices, herbs and seasonings
320 pages - Paperback Includes
  • Brine tables
  • Fahrenheit - Celsius conversion table
  • Weight and Volume conversion tables
  • 24 B&W photos
  • 24 line drawings

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