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Book - The Big Book of Bacon-1

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Item Number: BK145556
The Big Book of Bacon - by Jennifer l. S. Pearsall

Savory flirtations, dalliances and indulgences with the underbelly of the pig. Bacon has long been one of the most popular and prominent components of American table fare. “Bacon and eggs” just rolls off your tongue. The BLT celebrates all that’s right with one of the summer’s simplest sandwiches. And why have a cheeseburger when you can have a bacon cheeseburger?

This book takes all the savory, smoky-sweet goodness that is bacon and elevates its status, by working this succulent cured meat into dishes ranging from comfort to extraordinary, basic to complex and across the spectrum of breakfast, lunch, appetizers, dinners and desserts.

There’s just something about bacon that seems to complement every other food it comes in contact with. You can add to the four sensations we normally associate with taste - salty, sweet, sour and bitter. Bacon adds a fifth sensation - Umami. A Japanese word,  translated simply means “good flavor.” Bacon can be dominant when you want to taste the bacon whole like in a burger or not as dominant when diced fine and worked into a dessert crust, a bread dough, pulled pork or anything else. Add bacon and you’ve got a dish that is just different than it was without this wonderful meat.

Also covers:

  • Bacon basics
  • Ways to cook bacon
  • Bacon brands
  • Additional cooking tips
  • 100 recipes
288 pages -  7" x 10"  - Softcover

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