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Book "Making Fermented Sausages"

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The Art Of Making Fermented Sausages by Stanley & Adam Marianski

The majority of books written on making sausages do not tackle the subject of fermented sausages because some feel this is an advanced field of sausage making which is not recommended for an amateur sausage maker.

This book was written because the authors did not share this opinion. They believed that any hobbyist could make wonderful salami at home, if only they knew how.

For thousands of years man has been making dry fermented meats with little or no understanding of the process involved. Only in the past 60 years have sufficient advances been made in the field of meat science that explained the fermentation and drying of meats. Until then, the manufacturing process was shrouded in secrecy, and was more a combination of art and magic than a solid science.

The authors substituted technical terms with their simpler meanings, and to get the reader started included 50 recipes.

This book includes information on how to create a drying curing environment, removing any reason from making quality salamis at home, regardless of the climate and outside conditions.

We all know that meat left at room temperature will spoil in time and that is why it is kept in a cooler. Yet dry fermented or air dried sausages are made of raw meat and not cooked, and dont have to be stored under refrigeration. What makes them safe is controlling the temperature and humidity. This book tells you how.


  • Paperback
  • 244 Pages

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