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Culture - Meat - F-RM-52

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Price: $19.95
Item Number: CHANFRM52

Bactoferm ™ FRM-52 - Lactobacillus Sakei (Lactic Acid - Acid Production) & Staphylococcus Carnosus (Curing - Flavor & Color)

For medium fast acidification. This culture causes the meat's ph to drop to under 5.0 in about 4 days. Use for medium sized salamis 1" to 3" dia. A medium fast culture targeted for short fermentation at temperatures 70°F-90°F. Needing around 1 month to fully complete (including drying). When this culture is applied in a sausage mince with excess glucose (dextrose) at 75° f (24°c) it is possible to achieve a ph as low as 4.4.

How to use: Dilute with 1 cup of chlorine free water and let sit for 20 minutes to "Wake Up" the bacteria. When using a cure (# 1 or # 2) mix the cure with this culture. Mix all seasoning and spices into meat, then add this culture at a rate of 25 g to 200 lb of meat.

For small batches dilute 1/2 tsp. of culture into 1/2 cup of chlorine free water.

  • Use 25g for 220 lb.
  • Meat packet weight: 25g 

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