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Making Sausage at Home: Learning the Art of Sausage Making

Who doesn’t love a delicious sausage patty for breakfast in the morning, or perhaps an old-fashioned sausage-on-a-stick while enjoying a day at the fair? There is something so indulgent about sausage that meat lovers simply cannot seem to get enough. Did you know that you can actually learn the art of sausage making at home? Grinding meat and adding seasoning for perfect sausage has never been easier, thanks to today’s ability to purchase the right equipment.

Making sausage at home starts with accumulating the necessary equipment:

  1. A Quality Meat Grinder: You may choose to make sausage from a variety of meats, such as deer, elk, beef, pork or even buffalo. Once you have your meat chosen, the next step is to grind it up to the appropriate consistency for sausage. To do this, you will need either a hand or electric grinder. Most people who are making sausage at home will decide that a hand grinder is sufficient for their use, as electric grinders are quite expensive and are generally reserved for professionals. Prices of meat grinders vary widely, and you will need to decide how much you are willing to spend. You will probably also need to ask your butcher supply house which attachments go with your grinder, once you have chosen one.

  2. Sausage Seasoning: Depending on the flavor you are working towards with your sausage making, there are a variety of sausage seasonings that are available. Most people who are just beginning with sausage making will purchase seasoning from more than one company in order to discover which manufacturers, and which varieties, they enjoy.

  3. Appropriate Sausage Casings: Unless you have chose to make breakfast sausage patties, you will need to choose a type of sausage casing to use. There are several types of sausage casings, including cellulose, collagen, fibrous and natural casings. A quality butcher equipment distributor will be able to give you a choice of lengths and sizes in each of these types of casings, so you can experiment while making sausage at home.

  4. Cooking or Grilling Equipment: Since you have chosen to go through the somewhat arduous process of sausage making, why not complete it by using the absolute best in cooking or grilling equipment? Patty sausage is delicious when cooked to perfection in a seasoned cast iron pan; in fact, most users discover that cast iron provides excellent protection against sausage sticking and is easy to clean. The flavor of link sausage is truly brought to the forefront when you decide to use your outdoor grill.

Allied Kenco is your Houston destination for making sausage at home. At Allied Kenco, you will find experts available to help you choose the perfect equipment and seasoning it takes to become a real pro at sausage making. We serve everyone from the experienced professionals to the home cook, so give us a call at 713-691-2935 and let us help you get started.

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