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Motorized Stuffers

Motorized Stuffers Use Water Pressure, Oil Pressure Or Gears To Power The Stuffer. They Offer The Most Capacity, Cost The Most And Are Used For Hi Capacity Operations.

As with all stuffers youu must:
  • Pre-lubicate the pusher plate and gasket with mineral oil or Pam before first use.
  • Bolt the stuffer to your work table or cutting board to provide stability.
  • Add water to your seasoned meat mix to provide lubication.
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Stuffer - Motorized - 25 Lb.
Price: $3,199.99
Stuffer - Motorized - 25 Lb.
Stuffer - Motorized - 30 lb.
Price: $3,299.99
Stuffer - Motorized - 30 lb.

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