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Heating Kit - Electric - 5000 Watt

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Price: $299.99
Item Number: SAU49203
Electric Heating Kit

The 60 CFM motor blows across the element creating hot moving air. This square control box is mounted on the outside wall of the smokehouse. The round element housing protrudes inside thru the smokehouse wall. This both protects  the element & channels the heated air inside your smokehouse. The size smokehouse you can heat will depend on the construction of the smokehouse & the temperature it is operating in. This kit will heat a well insulated, wind protected smokehouse of 48" x 36" x 72"

You may install this kit

Kit includes:

  • Heating element - 220 volt - 5000 watt
  • Element housing - stainless steel - 5" x 18"
  • Motor - 60 cfm - 220 volt
  • Motor housing - stainless steel -14" x 11" x 4"
"Do it yourself" information
The 5000 Watt Electric Heating Kit above requires 220 volts and it will draw between 21 and 25 amps, depending on the actual voltage at your site. (Your site's voltage could range (between 200 and 250 volts.) 
The kit does not come with a temperature control.
However, It may be controlled:
  • Directly with the Pneumatic Thermostat shown below
  • OR
  • Indirectly with the PID. PLUG & PLAY or AKS P64A ELECTRONIC SERIES controls shown below. These controls will not handle over 15 -20 amps and for these you will need to use a Relay as a "go between"
The relay connects as follows
  • Connect one set of Relay terminals to your site power source (requires a 30 amp circuit) and the other set of relay terminals to the Electric Heating Kit's heating element
  • Then connect the Relay coil directly to the PID Controller's output terminals # 3 and # 4
  • Connect the Relay coil to the Power Adapter's output,  then plug the adapter into the "Plug and Play " Time and Temp Controller's rear receptacle marked heater
  • Connect the Relay coil to the Power Adapter's output,  then plug the adapter into the  AKS P64ABD or AKS P64AB Thermosture Control Kit's receptacle

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